farewell + hello

with it being the beginning of a new year, i think it's time for some changes. major changes. well... maybe not MAJOR, but major in a sense that i believe it will begin to move things in a new direction. just thinking about all that is to come makes me so... excited!! i can't wait to share this journey with you and hope that you will come along for the ride!

one major change for zakka nouveau will be that this blog is moving! yes, it is farewell... but not without a grand hello! i'm very happy to announce that everyday curiosities will continue to exist, but under the new name zakka nouveau : blog! some other changes along with the move will include: daily postings during the week, a new interview column, food recipes and much, much more! i'm starting to sound like a car salesman. but have no fear! the blog will continue to cover topics that it has been writing about and of course the aesthetic will definitely not change. i'm thinking of it more as 'spring cleaning', but happening during the winter. :)

i really want to thank you so much for your support this past year! i've been thoroughly enjoying connecting with all of you and meeting so many new people through this blog. i think ultimately that's what it's about for me — connecting with people. my hopes for the new blog is to not only introduce interesting, curiosity-provoking content, but hope that it will help to connect people with other people around the world so that we can continue to support one another in our life endeavors.

now~ onto the new blog page! see you there!

photograph: kevin thoeng | japan jan '11


Eve Cege said...

beautiful work ;)